9mm Cylinder For J Frame

picture 1! $1950 j16028 super black eagle ii left hand 12×3.5×28,max 5 camo, comfortech, 5 crio chokes(c,ic,m,im,f),stock shims,hard.

[Archive] Converting a +P airweight to 9mm Handguns: The. have someone like Cylinder and Slide or Pinnacle make a 9mm cylinder for an. I would think the scandium J-frames would be marginal to convert over to 9mm.

Smith & Wesson –. today is the J-frame like the Chief’s Special. But what you may not know is that there was once another, smaller handgun on the S&W. This little revolver, the.

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Example of the machine your cylinder for Full Moonclips. Machining / Many more. L – Frame Models Examples: 6 & 7 Shot Model 586, 686 etc. Total: $170.00. Rechambering your J, K, L & N cylinder to shoot 9mm: 5, 6, 7 & 8 Shot Cylinders

9mm cylinders for Jframes?. the 940 cyls won't fit newer guns with the "J-magnum" frame, the cylinder would be too. You have many options with a 9mm J frame.

Grip – Developed by retired police officer and gun magazine editor Roy Huntington and produced by Hyskore, the Griplight is an integrated light/stock unit that simply replaces the j-frame’s stocks. The 100+ lumen CREE LED sits atop the cylinder.

Changing cylinder in S&W J frame from. I can speak with some authority one the subject of converting.38spl J-frames to 9mm because I studied the possible ways.

In doing some reading it seems S&W did at one time make a 9mm J frame (940). Changing cylinder in S&W J frame from 38spl to 9 mm

J – Frame Models Examples: 5 – Shot Model 36, 60, 640, 642, When rechambered to 9mm the cylinder will still shoot 38 SPL or 357 with or without the proper moonclip.

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Home / Smith & Wesson J-Frame 5 shot 9mm cylinder conversion. Placeholder. Smith & Wesson J-Frame 5 shot 9mm cylinder conversion. $225.00. Add to cart.

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In today’s review, I take a look at the Taurus 905: a small frame 9mm revolver. other small concealed carry guns like the J-frame revolvers from Smith & Wesson. Like the Smith & Wesson revolvers, the cylinder rotates counter-clockwise.

9mm vs. 38 Special: The Cartridges & the Guns. While reading comparisons of the pros and cons of the pocket 380 versus the snub 38 I noted a reader suggesting a.

380 ACP and 150-grain 9mm load recently introduced. Our test gun was a well-used Smith & Wesson Model 642-1 Airweight.38 five-shot J-Frame revolver.

I have a 940-1 cylinder coming to do a 9mm convertable convertion on my 642 No Dash. I want to fit it so that the yolk is undisturbed so the factory 38spl cylinder.

My first J-Frame Smith & Wesson revolver was an older. but it has a titanium.

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Mar 26, 2013  · PoorKnight, You know S&W made an even lighter J-frame.32 H&R mag than the 431/432, right? The 331/332 has a titanium cylinder.

S&W Centennial is a family of revolvers made by Smith & Wesson on the "J- Frame". Depending upon caliber, the cylinder holds either 5 (9mm,38 spl,357.

The early J frames with the 38spl sized window are what your looking for to accept a 940 or 940-1 9mm cylinder. The difference between the 940 & 940-1 cylinders is.

I would prefer to practice with 38+P and leave the 357 for carry. Even though the Kimber K6 is very close in size to a S&W J frame the K6 holds six rounds. The.

Speed – I carry a five-round J-Frame, but the Speed Strip that I carry is only loaded. It also eliminates the chance of a third round on the strip interacting the with the.

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J-Frame 5 shot 9mm $225.00. *In most cases with S&W Revolvers, a new cylinder can be fit to the frame in order to take advantage of all calibers!* Ruger

J-Frame Stupidity-Part 1-Cylinder GapThe Best J-Frame: Smith & Wesson Model 640 Pro Series – The Best J-Frame: Smith & Wesson Model 640 Pro Series. Another key feature of the 640 Pro is the face of the cylinder that has. like the Ruger LCR 9mm I.

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Smith & Wesson’s J-Frames – An excellent John Taffin article on the Smith & Wesson J-frame revolvers. Ammunition testing details included.

Jan 13, 2016. Korth announced a new 9mm conversion kit to transform a Smith & Wesson. A round that backs out of the cylinder can lock up a revolver.

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Review: Ruger LCR 9mm – Lucky Gunner Lounge – I’m with Saw Dave. I have both the.357 version that I’ve carried as BUG for several years and now the 9mm added over this year. The.38 special in the 357 is.

J-Frame.38/.357, $85.00. K-Frame.38/.357/.32. *S&W.357 N or L frame cylinders Rechamber to 9×23 and shoot 9mm,38 super, & 9×23! N and L frames only.