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La Glock, a veces llamada por su fabricante Glock "Safe Action" Pistol (Pistola de acción. A diferencia de otras pistolas, la G17 y los demás modelos GLOCK han sido. La Glock 17C fue introducida en 1996 e incorpora ranuras en la parte. en calibre.380 ACP (también llamado 9mm kurtz, 9×17 mm, 9mm corto o 9mm.

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3: 9mm. E. 10th St., 11:38-11:40 a.m. Sept. 4: eight XBox and PlayStation video games valued at $100 stolen from Family Dollar store; investigation ongoing. 800.

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Performance of the smaller calibers like 9mm and.380 ACP HP has come a long way in recent years. Loads once considered insufficient for penetration of.

380 ACP into a “serious fight stopper” with the new Civic Duty high-expansion ammunition. The ammo maker says the new Civic Duty round seeks to offer the stopping power of 9mm, but in a smaller, lower-recoil package. “The.380 is.

Pearson was arrested in June 2016 after investigators searched his Button Street home and found him holding a sneaker that contained a loaded, 9mm pistol, the U.S. attorney’s office said. Another firearm, a.380-caliber handgun, was.

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22; NEW Hi Point C/P, 9mm; Intratec AB10, 9mm; Metro Arms 1911,45; NEW Rock Island Armory 1911,45; Ruger Charger,22; NEW Ruger GP100,22; NEW Ruger LCP,380; NEW SAR B6P, 9mm; NEW SCCY CPX2TT, 9mm;.

Police say the handgun was a Berretta 9mm semi-automatic pistol that has the safety off and a magazine insert in it. Lanier also had a loaded Marlin rifle with a scope attached to it, several boxes of.243 and.380 ammunition and spent.

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The Army command has authorized civil and military police officers across the country to buy 9mm caliber pistols. For personal use, they could already buy pistols as 380.40 and up to.45, but none of them are so lethal. The municipal.

La STAR, Bonifacio Echeverría S. A., fue una empresa dedicada a la fabricación de armas, La dirección de la Star renuncia a la fusión e intenta acuerdos con. 1919, cal 9mm corto(380ACP), 7.65mm (32ACP), y 6.35mm (25ACP), sistema. Modelos Z-62 y Z-63: Entran en servicio en 1963 y su diferencia más notoria es.

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Editor’s Review: Kahr CW380 Pocket Pistol – This 102g JHP ammo is, in my mind, just a slightly down-loaded 9mm round. The.380ACP is sometimes referred to as a “9mm short” for a reason; same diameter, lighter projectile. With the Golden Saber ammo, from a distance of seven.

380 ACP vs 9mm comparison. 9mm and.380 ACP cartridges — both popular choices for self-defense rounds — have the same diameter, but a 9mm round is.