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The first are known as +P loads, and most service pistols of quality can handle. If you’re not a 9mm fan, there are options in other calibers as well. The.38.

What do you need to look for and keep in mind when purchasing military surplus ammunition?. it doesnt require special storage, Rock Island M206.38 Special;

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Federal Personal Defense.38 Special +P Ammunition 20 Rounds. – Federal Personal Defense.38 Special +P Ammunition 20 Rounds Hydra-Shok Hollow Point 129 Grain 950 Feet Per Second.

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But then , I will not fire 38 special in a 357 Magnum either. I have this odd idea that you should use the cartridge the gun was designed for!

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Some will argue that it’s better to have a larger reserve amount of energy on tap than a +P, but everything comes at a price. Ammunition for the Recoil Sensitive Federal Nyclad is the only standard pressure.38 Special round author.

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Chuck Hawks explains +P Handgun Ammunition (.38 Special, 9x19mm,38 Super and.45 ACP).

DEFENSIVE CALIBERS – Ammo is readily available and relatively inexpensive. but is enhanced by the availability of more powerful.38+P loads.357 Mag. – The magnum version of the.

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Canadian Parliamentary Review – Expanding on the line of +P personal defense loads taking aim at those packing subcompact handguns, Federal’s new 130-grain.38 Special round packs a.

Granddad’s war souvenir P-38 is not much good for this unless it can keep five. 357 Magnum revolver should be loaded with.38 Special ammo. The.44.

As an NFL coach, I can’t imagine there to be a more ignominious thing than.

Apr 10, 2012. The.38 Special +P ability to fire +P ammo has been at the heart of hotly contested debates among shooters for years. Can it be shot, or is too.

What does +P mean for your bullets?.38 Special – Wikipedia – The.38 Smith & Wesson Special is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson. A request for more powerful.38 Special ammunition for use by Air Police and security personnel resulted in the. with higher-pressure ( 18,500 CUP) loadings of the.38 Special cartridge, known as.38 Special +P. In 1972, the.

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32 S&W Long Brass (Small Pistol primer) 0.911 – 0.916 O.A.L. Designed for use in small framed revolvers, this cartridge is basically a shortened version of the.32 H.

Description : Starfire™ is the brainchild of Tom Burczynski, the “dean” of high performance handgun bullet designers and a.

38 Special ammunition, which is bad enough. wadcutter bullets we used to hand load it’s actually a 135 grain hollowpoint. This Federal HST + P load is designed.

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9mm Ammo – Handgun Forum – what is the best grain 9mm ammo for defense. i have noticed that 124 and 147 are the most common. 50 rounds.38 special (round dujor), then one cylinder of my.

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