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Can I lawfully make a pistol into a rifle without registering that firearm. – Assuming that the firearm was originally a pistol, the resulting firearm, with an attached shoulder stock, is not an NFA firearm if it has a barrel of 16 inches or.

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Nov 20, 2013. The proper order for converting a rifle BACK to an AR pistol is to remove the stock , remove the 16″+ barrel, and finally install the <16″ barrel.

Is there any way you could legally convert a rifle into a pistol without at some point making it an "SBR" and paying the $200 tax? Specifically, I.

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The new search revealed yet another conversion lab at the Antique Way and.

when a carbine-conversion kit consisting of a single-shot. as a pistol, or a rifle with a barrel of 16. To the extent this ruling may be inconsistent with.

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TNW is offering carbine and pistol kits. Carbines come with 16.25-inch barrels. $375 — you can pick up a kit and have plenty left over for additional parts and.

Building up a 34/35 sized gun in 357 seems to be a logical choice for me. This would be a simple stock appearance pistol, no porting, RDS or anything of the like. I know I can pick up a 35 and add a conversion barrel, but that.40.

CAA RONI G2-9 Glock Pistol to Carbine Conversion Stock Description: The CAA RONI G2-9 Gen2 converts your Glock 9mm or.40 into a.

16 inches in length; or (b) convert a complete weapon into such an NFA firearm. A. designed to convert the pistol into a rifle with a barrel or barrels of 16 inches.

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IWI US, Inc. announced today that it will be phasing out the original Tavor carbine from its product line to make more. closer to the shooter’s center mass and a.

There are a number of well-known and competent revolver smiths that could handle this type of conversion in short order and return the gun to you looking like new if doing it yourself has lost its appeal due to the aforementioned revelations.

This Glock 17 turns into a carbine when attached to the amazing Mechtech Carbine Conversion Unit. Watch Hickok45 try it out!

Yes, it is illegal to convert a rifle into a pistol. There was never a law that said lowers must be engraved with "pistol". If the lower was never assembled into a.

3D in Scale offers new conversion sets to build variants of the M14 half-track. Built by the International Harvester Company, the M14 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was a half-track that carried two.50in anti-aircraft machine guns on an.

Glock SBR Pistol to Carbine Conversion Review IntroductionThe Ferret50 50BMG rifle conversion for the AR-15 – Ferret50.com is the home of the Ferret50 50BMG rifle conversion for the AR-15.