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Play Shotgun vs Zombies – Blast zombies with your shotgun!

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Nov 18, 2016. In Shotgun VS Zombies you are armed with your trusty shotgun. Its time to take out waves of zombies. Collect special power up that are locked.

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May 27, 2017. So come on and join this exciting journey to battle the undead. Use a shotgun to take the battle the terrible ass boss in Shotgun vs Zombies.

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Shotgun vs Zombies Cheats & Hacks. Press the keys: 1 Toggle Health. 2 Toggle Ammo. 3 Add Cash. Note: Usually, you should click on the game first to make.

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Incredibly breathtaking game in which you will face danger in the form of hordes of bloodthirsty zombies that and strive to get you. Arm shotgun and show those.