V-block Rifle Bedding

Our V-block design enables 2 parallel points of contact for the entire length of the action. A steel lined hole is provided to receive a recoil spigot.

V-BLOCK – Whidden Gunworks – The V-Block is an ingenious mounting system that allows custom bedding to coexist with interchangeable actions in one custom rifle stock. The Whidden V- Block.

The V-Block is an ingenious mounting system that allows custom bedding to coexist with interchangeable actions in one custom rifle stock. The Whidden V-Block.

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NO 6. All stocks need pillars, even stocks with bedding blocks This Accu-Riser Kit fits The following applications: Remington M-700 in an H.

In one of our rifles (a 6mmBR), Lapua’s original 105gr Scenar bullets. 174.49 Here’s a good deal on a versatile Stocky’s Long Range Stock with aluminum V-block bedding system. For just $179.99, order this for Rem/Rem Clone long.

How to convert your aluminum bedding block stock to the more accurate pillar bedding system, in 17 photos. It's Easy! All stocks need pillars, even stocks with.

Remington 700 Rifles customized by Accuracy Systems Inc. ASI can build you a Custom Remington 700 Rifle or rebarrel your existing Remington 700 action to.

We offer many aftermarket gun stocks. These rifle stocks are hand crafted with the finest laminate wood.

Remington Replacement Rifle Stocks, Ruger. – please be advised – stocks that are not in our inventory and need to be ordered after june 12th will not ship out till august 11th, due to summer factory hours.

I’ll utilize a custom Tactical Solutions steel V-Block ($15. over molded-bull barrel stock. Its bedding platform will free-float the hefty barrel for gnat-drilling accuracy. Since any rifle’s inherent accuracy potential is best realized with.

Finally, the rifle’s synthetic stock is in the same shape and style as the original American center-fire models. Indeed, the same, integral V-block-based Power Bedding system is used to secure the receiver within the stock and free-float the.

Cheryl Set a Record recently with her rifle built on a barnard P Action check out the. Barnard V Bedding Blocks. Our V-block design enables 2 parallel points.

The V-Block is an ingenious mounting system that allows custom bedding to coexist with interchangeable actions in one custom rifle stock. The Whidden V- Block.

V-Block vs. Bedding. If the rifle shoots well enough without bedding, have had them in and out to check the contact with the v-block(aluminum bedding block).

Stockmaking, rifle stocks, refinishing gunstocks, glass bedding and pillar bedding are shared within this site.

V-Block Instructions;. experience is what guides the work here at Whidden Gunworks. knowledge and proven techniques to guarantee your rifle will be.

When I bed my rifles I don’t use bedding screws or blocks, instead I use the actual bottom metal and the action screws. While I prefer this method, I typically end.

Making an aluminum bedding block I was wondering if anyone here has made an aluminum bedding block for a bolt action rifle? I have.

If you work on round action receivers like the Remington 700, a receiver v-block, or fixture, is useful. Receiver fixtures allow you to properly index the action in.

Lightweight aluminum V- block eliminates receiver movement for improved accuracy from your Remington 700. Precision machined ridges provide full contact and alignment.

Related Understanding Barrel Bedding Today’s factory rifles shoot better than ever before but that’s not to say they can’t be improved.

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LA Aluminum Bedding Block : WHIDDEN GUNWORKS. – Brownells – LA Aluminum Bedding Block Lightweight aluminum V- block eliminates receiver. of similar barreled actions, so you can use one stock for multiple rifles.

The stock from Choate Machine & Tool begins as an aluminum v-block, then it is machined to exact tolerances to free float an officers action using the aluminum v-block as a bedding block. of the barrel lug. The Tactical Stock also.

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ArmaLite is working on a new version of their AR-30A1 series of rifles, the AR-31. the same competition-grade barrels and other features like their proven “V-Block” bedding system. The finish appears to be the same combination of.

Stocky's Hart Accu.Block Stocks: Aluminum Blocks In Wood Centerfire Rifle StocksSHOOTING THE BULL: From economical plinker to certifiable tack driver – 22 target rifle. This affordable metamorphosis is made possible by the modular nature of the 10/22. Simply loosen the bedding screw and barrel band. I firmly secured the barrel with a Tactical Solutions V-block retainer. To cushion the.