Western Super X Rimfire Cartridges

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I’m starting to get really interested in this cartridge. rimfire ammunition. It’s the best of both worlds for our customers.” S17W20 Varmint HV 20-gr Plastic Tip 3,000 fps S17W25 Varmint HE 25-gr Plastic Tip 2,600 fps X17W20.

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With proven accuracy, high-velocity and rapid controlled expansion, Winchester Super-X provides a wide-range of premium ammunition for nearly any game you have in.

Cartridge: 22 Long Rifle; Bullet Weight: 40; Muzzle Velocity: 1255; Ballistic Coefficient: Barrel Length: 6. Rounds Per Box: 50; Rounds Per Case: 5000.

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The Western Cartridge Company manufactures small arms and ammunitions. Founded in 1898. Rimfire cartridges bore a UCC headstamp and product packaging included a Maltese cross trademark. The company trademark morphed into Super-X as the Maltese cross became associated with World War I Germany.

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This was the first production of.22 rimfire ammunition by Western. This new. 1931 was the year the new Super-X High Speed loadings was first issued.

This cartridge is based on a.22 caliber LR rimfire case that is necked down to seat a 17 grain,17 caliber Hornady V-Max bullet. Although the overall length of the.

Western Super X.22 Ammo. Most Powerful Rimfire Cartridge – In. – Find best value and selection for your Western SUPER-X 12 gauge shotgun shell ammo box,

$519 Caliber/Cartridge:.308; Barnes VOR-TX 150-grain Tipped Triple-Shock X. The.308 is our second most popular cartridge. Mule deer are strictly western and are bigger than whitetails but no harder to kill. The difference is that.

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Shop online for the Winchester Super X Rimfire Ammunition X22LRS, 22 Long Rifle, #12 Shot, N/A, N/A, 50 Rd/bx. Read consumer reviews of the Winchester 22 Long Rifle.

W7. Western 22 Long. "Super-X Long Range 1931 issue. Number on box is K1216R. Dunn's book, "Nickel washed brass case. Copper washed lead bullet".

Rimfire Ammunition; Proven Performance; super-x; Title. Proven Accuracy; Sure Functioning;. Super X Power-Core Rimfire; super-x. Varmint X Lead Free; Components.

Western Cartridge Company acquired the Winchester. and.22 and.32 caliber rimfire cartridges at. The company trademark morphed into Super-X as the Maltese.

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In 2013, Winchester® Ammunition will arm. jacketed hollow point in the legendary Super-X® line. Each.17 Win Super Mag bullet will far surpass the long-range wind drift and bullet-drop limitations of popular rimfire calibers like

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Full boxes of 22 rimfire can only. Older, Western, "SUPER-X" Box, 22 Long Rifle with Wax Coated, Extra Clean "Lubaloy" Projectiles. Has Western Cartridge.


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Western Super X 22 Ammo. – This box of unfired Western Super X shotgun. Shop the Shop department for Winchester Super-X.22 Long CB Match Rimfire Ammo.

Home · Products · Rimfire Ammunition; Proven Performance; super-x. share on. JHP. S17W25, 17 Win Super Mag, 20, Varmint (Prairie Dog, Marmont, Skunk).

First, this may possibly be most appropriate in the ‘rimfire’ subforum. It likes almost every ammo I’ve tried in it; including cci stingers, federal 36-grain.

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Collector Ammunition. 150 Items. 20 rounds of 300 grain 41 Swiss rimfire ammunition. of 20 rounds of Winchester Western 25-35 117 grain Super X soft point.

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