Wet (w) Ammunition Stowage

Wet ammunition stowage. – Suggestions – War Thunder. – Jan 07, 2015  · I did a little research today after seeing a player mention "wet ammunition stowage" I also started a forum topic about it.

Magazine is the name for an item or place within which ammunition or other explosive material. The ammunition storage area aboard a warship is referred to as a magazine or the "ship's magazine" by sailors. Historically, when artillery was fired with gunpowder, a warship's magazines were built below the water line.

[Tanks] what exactly is a wet ammo rack? Are the round lying in a pool of water or something?. "Wet" ammunition stowage "Wet" stowage consisted of.

Aircraft stowage provided for four aircraft and an. QUEEN ELIZABETH was the target of the Maiale. (On 29/3/42 the Italian submarine.

M4A2E8 Sherman (Part 1)  Engine deck and AmmunitionSarkari Tenders Alert – 20 May 2010 – Google Groups – Sarkari Tenders Alert. repairs of shell/ammunition retaining locks and stowage. Division Replacement of conventional FTLfittings by T5 EE fittings 28W in staff.

SS Alida Gorthon At 03.36 hours on 29 Aug 1940 the. her the next day in 29°21N/19°28W, topside weight for additional depth charge stowage and.

Is the wet ammunition stowage system on the later Shermans modeled at all? I seem to recall that the wet stowage reduced brew-ups from 85% of pens.

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"Wet Storage: Gooey?" Topic. Supposedly the "wet storage" for ammo on later Sherman tanks had the ammo in bins filled with a mix of. All wet stowage.

Ammunition expended during morning firing. Jan. 29 – Moored as before.1. Moored. Positions: 0800 – Lat. 30-43N, Long. 125-28W; 1200 – Lat. 31-13N, Long. 123.

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On the 8th january 1943 when on route from TRINIDAD for GIBRALTAR in CONVOY TM-1 carrying a cargo of 9,086 tons of Admiralty furnace oil, a consignment of 732 barrels.

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Feb 17, 2015  · Are the wet ammo rack storage working on US tanks. The main part was the reconfiguration of ammo stowage, Wet ammo racks serve the purpose of.

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Early Sherman tanks had a rather poor method of ammunition stowage, with the rounds being stored high up in the tank's sponsons above the.

"Wet" Ammo Rack and Safe Stowage for the Tigers – posted in Heavy Tanks: So, Im becoming more and more enamored with the idea of.

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Jun 26, 2016. Storage Ammo and Everything Else: The Army packed a lot of Gear and Tools into the Sherman, along with the Ammo, Guns and Men.

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Destroyer FS L'Adroit bombed and sunk in shallow water off Dunkirk at 1200 by German Heinkel-111s. The ship didn't explode and lay on the beach of Malo-les-Bains.

It also held up well to wet and freezing weather conditions, rough handling and.

Wednesday 29 July. Balkan. ammunition explosion sank her. launching platform forward & stowage.

It’s pretty much hand-built and it takes 30 hours to apply the seven coat, wet.

Mar 09, 2017  · Apparently the wet stowage wasn’t actually all that effective against direct hits, but putting all the ammo under the floor moved it away from the sponsons.

The M4 Sherman, officially Medium Tank, M4, was the most widely used medium tank by the. These included more durable suspension units, safer "wet" (W) ammunition stowage, and stronger or more efficient armor arrangements, such as.

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Nov 17, 2011  · What exactly is a "wet" ammo. World of Tanks official forum. Wet stowage consisted of surrounding the ammunition stowage bins.

Wet stowage consisted of surrounding the ammunition stowage bins with a water/ gylcerine mixture held in an outer hollow casing. The idea.

At 02.04 hours on 18 Oct 1940, the Carsbreck in convoy SC-7 was hit by one of two torpedoes from U-38 (Liebe) in position 58°46N/14°11W. At 02.27 hours, the U-boat.