When Is Ammunition Too Old

I have some 12 gauge ammo that is getting old, I mean I have had it for several years. How old is too old? I thought taking the clay thrower and a box.

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There is no 'rule' as to when ammo is too old. I shoot a lot milsurp rounds and the old corrosive rounds seem to hold up better than the more modern non-corrosive rounds.

When is Ammo Too Old?Ammo – How Old is Too Old? – The Firearms Forum – Hello all, I have about a box and a half of Federal.22 long Rifle SHOT cartridges. The Copywrite date on the box is 1961. A) Are they too old to be.

The economic toll too is vast – with conflict estimated to cost the global economy $13.6 trillion annually or as much as 13% of global GDP. Armed conflicts and violence are fueled by a steady supply of arms and ammunition. Weapons.

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.22lr ammo, how old is too old? | Yahoo Answers – My dad is bringing me some.22lr ammo that is old. (possibly 15+ years old) Are there any dangers in shooting ammo that is in unknown condition. For the.

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Tom answers a question he commonly gets: Can I shoot old ammo? For more videos like this, visit www.guntalk.tv

Old ammunition? How old of bullets can you shoot? If they are too old, how do you get rid of them?

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May 22, 2015. NOTE: A general definition of modern ammunition is any ammunition produced with smokeless powder after the 1930s. So, those old.

I don't know how old is too old. I'm only 69 and have only been shooting 60 years or so. But I have shot ammo older then I am. If the WWII ammo isn't badly corroded.

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Apr 11, 2016. This isn't the oldest ammo I've shot. I had one box of.45 from 1919 that also shot flawlessly. What many people don't realize is that most.

When is ammo to old? – Calguns.net – I've shot WWI surplus ammo. Ammo is too old when it hasn't been stored properly. Think of ammo like crackers, keep them air tight and dry and.

I have some 12 gauge ammo that is getting old, I mean I have had it for several years. How old is too old?. Its only too old if it doesnt go bang.