Why 380 Ammo So Expensive

Accuracy. I grabbed a few different.380 loads and tested accuracy from a sandbag rest at 25 yards. At this distance, it became clear the factory sights were.

That means every ammo manufacturer is getting their brass and projectiles by a. So, back to your question why the.380 is more expensive.

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why is.380 ammo so expensive? – Northwest Firearms – I have never owned a.380 pocket gun as the ammo is so expensive around these parts. From what I understand,380 is a chopped down 9mm (please correct.

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why is.380 ammo so expensive? Discussion in '. It is a supply issue in my opinion, most local shops only stock 1 or 2 types of.380 ammo,

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Not so bad in a shotgun, as there is are no lands and grooves involved, but in a rifle it could be a disaster. A little bit won’t hurt, a lot degrades accuracy. A whole lot.

Rick said: "Purchased 50 rounds, but have only shot 18 so far. I’ve had no problems at all. Shoots nice and clean, and no duds. I love the federal ammo so far.

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In July of 2013, I picked up a little.380 pocket pistol (specifically a Taurus PT738 TCP), and I started researching what would be the most appropriate ammo to use.

Energy ammo is less common than kinetic ammo, but still fairly prolific, and we.

Why is.380 ammo more expensive than 9mm? | The Firearms. – Why is.380 ammo more expensive than 9mm. I bought a set of.380 dies just for this reason.It got so bad here that NOBODY had.380 ammo.If you could.

. in and was surprised at how much more expensive the.380 ammo is than. Any tips on where I can get a good deal on.380 ammo so I can.

What are the factors causing the price of ammo for a.380 to be so much more expensive than a 9mm?

9mm is made in huge quantities, as it's the round of choice of a huge number of. What are the factors causing the price of ammo for a.380 to be so much more expensive than a 9mm? UpdateCancel.

Ammunition Getting Too Expensive to Train?  Try THIS!What happened to.380 ACP ammo? – SIG Talk – This is a discussion on What happened to.380 ACP ammo? within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category;. why is 380 ammo so expensive,

In my ongoing series of testing.380 ACP ammo from micro-pistols, I’ve been repeatedly asked to test some of the so-called “+P” loadings.

We'll explain why 380 ACP ammo is so hard to get and by the time you finish. You must accept the fact that buying 380 ACP ammo will be expensive and that.

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I ran out of armored piercing ammo for my tank. in each control box so as Lost.

I'm amazed to see that low end.380 plinking ammo averages around $0.30-$ 0.40. less lead, and less powder than it's bigger brother, the 9mm, yet it's more expensive. So it is not cranked out in the same volume as 9mm.

We are all well aware of the great popularity of the 380 pocket pistols nowadays, but why is 9mm still A LOT cheaper? The 9mm does in fact shooting a.

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Jan 7, 2014. Since modern 9mm pistols are so small these days, often very close to the size of the lowly.380, most gun folks would say that it makes little.

I know the laws of "Supply & Demand" usually apply to ammo prices and if you mass-produce any product you can expect lower prices.

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Why Is 380 Ammo So Expensive. With regular.380 ammo and even. and people tend to not shoot or practice with them since ammo is often expensive for what you get.

So how could a single-payer system here still be so expensive?. Here’s why:.

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This may be a stupid question, but can someone tell me why 380 ammo is double the price of factory 38? I shoot Winchester factory 38's for \,